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In 2017 our founders created Australia’s first circular economy pilot project, The Circular Experiment, with a mission to catalyse the global transition to a circular economy.  For six months they worked with 45 businesses on Ocean Street in Queensland to implement six circular economy principles.

Together they created an environment built on trust and collaboration that helped unlock economic opportunities for the street. They worked to change the narrative around what was possible thus enhancing social outcomes and finally they reduced the streets’ dependence on finite resources ultimately educating and empowering the businesses to reduce their environmental footprint.

Fundamentally, The Circular Experiment worked and as such it’s now no longer an experiment.

It’s Coreo.




We are a company who engage industry, influencers, and policy makers throughout Australasia to capitalise on the economic, social and environmental opportunities of a circular economy.

Here at Coreo we do things differently, we prioritise transformation over transaction, collaboration over competition and we are not afraid to take a risk in the pursuit of systemic change.

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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”

Henry Ford.

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Our projects are the heart and soul of what we do. They are where we get to stretch our creative muscles and create lasting and impactful change for the people, communities, and organisations we work with and for.

We know the transition to a circular economy is not only possible, it’s inevitable, and it represents the economic opportunity of the century.

So the question isn’t what or when but how?

Brisbane Airport Corporation

  • We are working with the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) to design and deliver a circular economy for their domestic terminal to support them in reaching their net zero waste target.  Together, we are achieving this through a War on Waste Education Campaign; a re design of their waste management systems and infrastructure; and three bespoke circular economy projects.


  • We are collaborating with Ricardo Energy and Environment to design and deliver Australia’s first circular economy master planned community, Yarrabilba. This project commenced with a workshop to educate and inspire the Lendlease team to think bigger about what was possible within a Circular Economy.

    Building on the success of the workshop we continued our work with Ricardo, Lendlease and key stakeholders to develop a master planned community circular economy strategy. Through the Circular Economy Strategy we firstly mapped the key stakeholders and the inputs and outputs of Yarrabilba on a local, state and global level. We then developed concepts to integrate utilities, valorise material flows and empower behavioural change towards a circular economy for Yarrabilba residents. The concepts were then refined and prioritised to form an actionable roadmap over the course of the development.

Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD)

  • We are a part of a consortium of organisations led by Global Future Makers and joined by Regional Economic Solutions working on a regional circular economy project that constitutes 23% of Queensland’s land mass. The primary aim of this project is to provide the RAPAD region with practical steps to take to achieve community resilience and self-sufficiency by utilising circular economy principles.

    The strategy focuses on linking the values and aspirations of the community with the natural assets of the region, whilst prioritising the integration of energy, water, digital economy, food production, manufacturing, services and international markets.  The approach is a bold and challenging departure from centralised government models of service, and instead is focused on servicing the needs of the community first.


  • We are working with Spicers Retreats to accelerate their work towards net zero waste and net zero emissions by 2030. Spicers Retreats are serious about their commitment and care for the environment and are bold in their pursuit of innovation and collaboration. We have teamed up to explore visible circular economy action and education with a focus on projects that will scale across their retreats.

OUr Circular economy rockstars

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Co-Create & incubate.

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In partnership with Business Models Inc. we are delivering a Circular Economy Lab to co-design breakthrough solutions to build regenerative economic systems, in partnership with industry,
government, non-profits and academia.


Supported by the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science the Circular Economy Lab brings together key leaders to answer the question: “What actions can Queensland take together today to manage the transition to the circular economy of tomorrow that provides all Queenslanders with an advantage?”

The Circular Economy Lab is a lean and iterative process of rapid prototyping, end user feedback, and business insights which culminates in a co-investment pitch decision. We work to mitigate risk and accelerate success by leveraging the power of the network.

To learn more about the lab or to get involved please reach out.

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Through stories.

Not somebody else’s story on the theoretical value of a circular economy but through our own story actioning it.

We told you up above that our founders successfully created Australia’s first circular economy pilot project but what we didn’t tell you was that our founders are two sisters who had a big hairy audacious goal to FUNDAMENTALLY prove that there was a different and better way to do things…

So armed with this goal (and not much else) the journey began.

Our journey from the original home office (Ash’s bedroom floor!) to our office in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation building.

Our journey from the original home office (Ash’s bedroom floor!) to our office in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation building.


We don’t tell other people's stories. We tell our own.

Within less than 18 months our founders have been invited to keynote and speak at over a dozen national conferences and thought leadership events including VIVID Sydney, The World Science Festival Brisbane, Waste and Resources Perth, The Global Ideas Festival Melbourne, and many more.

Through personal experience and action our founders deliver presentations, workshops, and educational content that provide a clear and engaging vision for the circular economy which when brought to life through relatable anecdotes, endearing authenticity and novel ways of thinking not only inspire audiences but also evoke a clear path toward circular economy action.

Speaking topics include:

  • Waste not want not - unlocking value - waste is a resource

  • How to engage and mobilise a community

  • Resilience, how to overcome adversity and become unstoppable

  • How to embrace and be transparent with your whole self, the good, not so good and the downright quirky!

  • People say you can’t choose your family so why go into business with them when you have the choice